Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Why is important to use the best virtual tour software solution

As I was stated before, I have starting working in a very interesting real estate company in Los Angeles, and although it is not the best company, or the biggest, or with the nicest quarters, I can say for sure that I am enjoying my colleagues, the boss, the atmosphere in the office and everything related to my work and to this king of business.

And a very important thing relies in the fact that I am able to do things the way I consider them right, as long as I deliver the performance needed. For instance, I was able to propose and implement myself a virtual tour software solution, which other companies are simply deployment as a manager would seem fit, but in this company everyone has a voice, everyone has the liberty of proposing things, of presenting things as they seem fit.

Now... I really think that the company where I am working at this moment is the definition of a modern company, without real working hours, program, without all the hassles and the bureaucracy of a typical, classic company.

And it is clear that the internet, the software revolution, the smartphones and the latest technological developments have helped really a lot this model to be successful.

As for me, my greatest realization was the integration of a very goot virtual tour creation software, that was able to add real value to the company - for which I also got a bonus :D - and a very nice one.

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